Remedies for Happy Married Life


Marriage is bond between two individuals who are just strangers for each other and decides their life to live with each other. It’s a very biggest decision for a person’s life. Every youngster has a dream to get marry with their dream person and live a happy married life with them. But still as being of individual person their mentality is not matched with each other because in world no one have same mentality every person is different from each other sometimes and the person who overlaps these different with their partner is the one who make their relationship best and forever. And the couple who fails to respects each other’s difference will spoil their life and as soonly they meet with dispute divorce problem. No one wants to spoil their life everyone wants to live happy married life because when once the married life get spoil it hurts the couple as well as their family also so before it get too late take help of astrological remedies and help yourself. Here we are going to give some remedies by using which you can make your relationship very stronger with your partner.


Do all the marriage rituals properly according to priest’s guidance


Offer 7 type of grain, coconut, red cloth to 8 girl children


On Tuesday take 112 Gomati chakras in a container of red vermillion and keep this container in your room your married life will fill with happiness and love.


For removing the negative energies wipe the floor with salt water at least once a weak


Lady should wear gold or simple yellow bangle pair it will produce harmony and happiness


Whenever sweets or fruits brought in a house, firstly offers this to god then elders then children and at the ned husband-wife should take it, it is a magical remedy.



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