5 ways which will increase effective communication in Relationship

effective communication between couples

Communication is the process of relocating and receiving communication and messages through the verbal or nonverbal median, inscription and graphical demonstrations, signals, signs, and behavior. In simple verbal communication, communication is said to be the conception and swap over of meaning. For married couples, it is necessary to do communication activities to get better the way they contrary with one another. In this way, communication skills are enhanced and spouses learn to understand one another.

How effective communication is helpful for couples?

  1. Should have an equipped discussion

For doing this activity, it is essential to expend some time talking with your other half or partner and choose a topic to talk about. Once a topic is chosen both partners should begin to converse. You should discuss the topic in a well-thought-out way. The matter on which you are discussing must be reflecting, mitigating, and understanding. Therefore couples seek to get an effective solution for love problems.

  1. Must have positive language

Couples must change the unenthusiastic language with enthusiastic language. When you are about to say something unhelpful to your partner about his/her performance, you should discontinue and come up with a more optimistic and encouraging way to give your message. This makes individuals more interested in how they communicate and rescind unenthusiastic communiqué patterns.

  1. Be supposed to go on a journey

For civilizing communiqué, couples are supposed to plan and go on a trip. It is a type of rehabilitation put into effect and implement. This activity is effective because it allows couples to unwind, calm down and let everything go. The process of planning and getting to your destination and intention also presents opportunities to exchange a few words more effectively.

  1. Ought to exercise the ‘Three and Three’ process?

In this exercise, both partners should make a list of three things that they akin to or like and detest or dislike in their partner. Then you should tell your partner and better half. When your partner reads them out, praise him/ her for their individuality or character and explains why the other points are out of your favor not liked by you. This applies and implement is proved as one of the most effective and efficient communication activities for couples or one can also take the help of love vashikaran mantra to deal with issues.

  1. Contribute to your emotions to each other

To encourage or persuade and to look after your marriage, couples must leave and convey your innermost sentiments and susceptible side to the other. It will help in understanding and considerate your partner and make the marriage stronger. Learning and sticking to these couple’s communiqué and announcement exercises can help couples deal with responsive and respective issues.

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How to Fix and Save Broken Marriage

How to fix and save marriage

Marriage is one of the most beautiful feelings. But it sounds very horrible when you recognize that your marriage is not working. The failure of the marriage is the worst relationship catastrophe that one cannot able to imagine and thus it leaves a trail of the pain and dis enhancement. There are several couples who want to stay together but they feel that there are many things that are broken and going wrong in your relationship to make it happen.

In married life, it is not at all easy to admit the things that are not going well in your relationship. But with some of the astrological remedies, you are able to make your relationship work and happy. Consequently, it requires efforts from both sides to make the marriage work. It requires the willingness to admit when your marriage is broken and what went wrong and making you and your spouse on the verge of the broken marriage and then find out the ways that will help you to repair a broken marriage.

On the other hand, there are some of the couples who may take the route of giving up rather than saving a marriage but it doesn’t need to be in your reality. Thus it is the time when you have to see how they work for you and then it will ultimately help you to recover the failing marriage. For the reason, if you are thinking about the solutions that how to fix the broken relationship or the marriage problems then you need to take the step back and then reflect. You should consider what is going wrong and then find out the ways for how to rekindle your marriage life.

What has made your marriage feel broken?

Do you know why your marriages fail and where did the things go wrong? Did you think that what happened that you got you to the point of the broken marriage? What are the problems that arise in your marriage life? So at that time, you need to identify the causes of a broken marriage and know how to fix them. Below mention are some of the reasons due to which marriages fall apart:

Communication Gap

There is a time when couples stop sharing all the things with each other and expressing themselves, this is the reason they weaken their chord of the connection. Therefore when their connection becomes more fragile than it is the time when your relationship also loses its strength. You can also take the help of the astrological remedies for marriage. Therefore this is the sign that you are facing failure in the marriage life. If you think that your marriage is on the verge of falling apart then it is the time when you need to make your relationship strong by communicating more and more.

Lack of Care & Affection

It is the time when passion fades in the relationship and all the couples stop showing their affection and care towards each other. It is the time when the sweetness and the warmth of the relationship go away and there is no joy left in the marriage life. It is the reason that makes a marriage fall apart.

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Most Common Problems Couples Face after Love Marriage

most common problems couples face in love marriage

Nowadays people prefer love marriage or they want to get married to their own choice. For the reason there are several issues arise in the life of couples when they want to get married to their desired partner. But they face every problem and fight with the obstacles that arise in the path of the love marriage to get married to the love of their life. But there are several issues that arise in the life of married couples. Some of the most common problems that couples face after love marriage. It may their relationship worse and several issues arise.

Some of the problems can be avoided, fixed or resolved using many of the different methods and techniques. Below are is some of the common problems that are faced by the love marriage couples or this is also the same with the arranged marriage couples. There are some of the common problems in love marriage while they challenge the love and respect of the married couples has for each other.

Troubles with the In-laws

In most of families this is one of the most common issues that the married couples face. Therefore the most common is the feud between mother-in-law and in the daughter-in-law is nothing new for anyone. Because some of the problems that arise in both of them are adjustment problems, unjust expectations, cultural differences and others, some time they are responsible for the negative attitude they have for each other. One of the best ways to overcome this is by being patient. It is necessary for the daughter in law to understand that it is not she who needs to adjust but the members of her new family to are doing the same. And this thing same goes with the mother in law as well.

Facing Irritating habits of the spouse

This is not uncommon for the newly married woman that she complains about her husband’s irritating habits like he leaves the wet towel on the bed, spends more time with friends, etc. On the other hand, man has also trouble to adjust to his wife’s habits. Some of the common love problems arise in their marriage path. Both the partners have to understand those marriage needs adjustments from both of them and lifelong habits cannot be changed overnight.

Household chores

This is one of the most working couples face after marriage. Most of the times wife is expected to take care of then household chores. If you want to tackle this situation and you can address it directly. Talk to the partner who is shying away from all of his or her responsibilities might be helpful. For the reason, it is very tough or difficult to follow the schedule but couples should start doing it and all the things will fall into place.

Financial Issues

Financial problems can be avoided easily if the right steps are taken quite in the advance. When couples are getting married or before the marriage they don’t even know what kind of financial problems and the issues related it might be faced by them. So the best way to deal with this situation is to make a financial plan and creating an account for the contingency fund while you can use them in the emergency.

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लाल किताब के अचूक 10 काम जो एक साल में दो बार जरूर करे

lal kitab remedies

लाल किताब बहुत ही रहस्यमयी किताब है जिसमे हर तरह के उपाय बताए गए है एवं उससे भी ज्यादा उसमे सावधानी बताई गई है। आज के लेख में हम आपके लिए लेकर आए है लाल किताब के दस ऐसे उपाय जिन्हे आप वर्ष में दो बार जरूर करे। इन उपायों की मदद से आप हर तरह के संकट से बच पाएगे और जीवन में बहुत सी तरक्की करते जाएगे।

पहला उपाय

सबसे पहले अलग अलग पानीदार नारियल ले। उसके बाद में अपने और अपने परिवार के सदस्यों के ऊपर से कम से कम 21 बार वार करके उसे अग्नि में जला दे। इसी तरह से 21 बार वारने के बाद में उसे पानी में बहा दे। इस कार्य को आप किसी भी गुरूवार के दिन कर सकते है। इस उपाय को करने से किसी भी तरह की अला बला, नजर आदि समाप्त हो जाएगी।

दूसरा उपाय

तांबे के लोटे के अंदर जल भरकर उसको अपने सिरहाने रख कर सोए और सुबह उठते ही उसे बाहर ढोल दे या फिर कीकर के वृक्ष में डाल दे। इस उपाय को कम से कम 11 दिन करे। इससे हर तरह की शारीरिक एवं मानसिक रोग दूर हो जाएगे।

तीसरा उपाय

सबसे पहले काला और सफ़ेद दो रंग का कंबल ले उसके बाद में २१ बार उसको खुद पर वार लीजिये फिर किसी गरीब को दान कर दे। इस कार्य को आप एक बार भी कर सकते है और इस कार्य को शनिवार को ही करे तो ज्यादा अच्छा रहेगा।

चौथा उपाय

बहते हुए पानी के अंदर रेवड़िया, बताशे, शहद या फिर सिन्दूर बहाए। इस कार्य को मंगलवार के दिन करे तो बहुत अच्छा रहेगा। इसको करने से हर तरह के मंगलदोष दूर हो जाएगें।

पांचवा उपाय

आँखों में कभी कभी काला सुरमा लगाए और कम से कम 11 दिन तक ऐसा लगातार करे। यह भी मंगल का उपाय है।

छठा उपाय

साल में कम से कम दो बार किसी अंधे को, अपंग को, संन्यासियों को या कन्याओं को अवश्य भोजन कराए। ऐसा करने से हर तरह का शनिदोष दूर हो जाएगा।

सातवा उपाय

साल में दो बार कम से कम दो बार जरूर चौला जरूर चढ़ाए। एक बार मंगलवार को और दूसरी बार शनिवार को। ऐसा करने से हनुमान जी की कृपा आप पर बनी रहेगी।

आठवां उपाय

एक साल में कम से कम दो बार कही पर भी नीम, पीपल, बरगद, शमी और आम के वृक्ष लगाने चाहिए।  ऐसा माना जाता है कि इंसान को एक पीपल, एक नीम, दस इमली, तीन कैथ, तीन बेल, तीन आंवला और पांच आम के वृक्ष लगाता है तो कभी भी नरक के दर्शन नहीं करता है।

नौवां उपाय

वर्ष  में एक बार तो किसी भी तीर्थ स्थान पर घूमने जरूर जाए। तीर्थ में जाने का उल्लेख लाल किताब में मिलता है।  ऐसा करने से देवी देवताओ का आशीर्वाद आप पर हमेशा बना रहता है।

दसवां उपाय

वर्ष में जितना हो सके उतना पशु पक्षियों को भरपेट भोजन जरूर कराए और उन्हें अच्छी तरीके से पानी पिलाए।  ऐसा माना जाता है कि जो व्यक्ति अपने परिवार के सभी सदस्यों से बराबर मात्रा में रुपए लेकर एक ही दिन में 100 गाय या कुत्तों को रोटी या हरा चारा खिलाता है उसके सभी संकट दूर हो जाते हैं।

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जानिए भगवान गणेशजी की पुत्री के जन्म का रहस्य

secret behind daughter of lord ganesha

गणेश जी के रिद्धि और सिद्धि नाम की दो पत्नियां थी। यह दोनों प्रजापति विश्वकर्मा की पुत्रियां थी। सिद्धि से क्षेम और रिद्धि से लाभ नाम के दो पुत्र हुए। लोक परंपरा में इन्हे ही शुभ और लाभ कहा जाता है। धार्मिक ग्रंथो और शास्त्रों में तुष्टि और पुष्टि को गणेश जी की बहुएं कहा जाता है। गणेश जी के पोते आमोद और प्रमोद थे।

पौराणिक समय से ऐसी मान्यता है कि गणेशजी की एक पुत्री भी है जिसका नाम संतोषी। ऐसा कोई भी शख्स नहीं है जो संतोषी माता की महिमा से अनजान हो। संतोषी माता का दिन शुक्रवार को होता है और इस दिन उनका व्रत रखा जाता है।

कैसे हुआ माता संतोषी का जन्म?

एक कथा के अनुसार ऐसा कहा जाता है कि भगवान गणेश जी अपनी बुआ से रक्षासूत्र बंधवा रहे थे। इसके बाद में उपहार लेन देंन की रसम चल रही थी इसके बाद में गणेश जी के पुत्रों ने उनसे इस बारे में पूछा। तब गणेश जी ने बताया कि यह धागा नहीं है एक प्रकार का सुरक्षा कवच है। यह रक्षासूत्र आशीर्वाद और भाई बहन के प्रेम का प्रतिक है।

इस बात  को सुनने के बाद शुभ और लाभ ने कहा कि उन्हें भी एक बहन चाहिए। यह सुनकर भगवान गणेश जी ने अपनी शक्तियों में एक ज्योति को उत्पन्न की और उनकी दोनों पत्नियों की आत्मशक्ति के साथ उसे सम्मिलित कर लिया। इस ज्योति ने एक कन्या का रूप धारण कर लिया और गणेश जी की पुत्री का जन्म हुआ जिसका नाम संतोषी रखा गया। यह पुत्री माता संतोषी के नाम से विख्यात है।

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Healing your Relationship after Separation

how to heal relationship after separation

Love is a very beautiful and most wonderful feeling which exists in the world or in the universe. Love does not consider any boundaries it can happen at any point in life or anytime. Love is never greedy and voracious it is self – sacrificing and selfless. Love is a very strong feeling of affection and attraction towards an important person or someone whom we love and who we are emotionally attracted too.

When you are in love hen you are not hesitating to share anything to them or not hesitate to show your actual or real and true character to in front of them when you are in love you are just in the high spirit and happy to see them in high spirit or happy. Love is happiness, mutual respect, unreasonable smile; it is a faith, honesty towards each other, love is what will take you on the top of the floor.

When a person is truly in love think and desires to spend their rest of life with each other or with the important person whom we love the most in the world. But problems and conflicts arise in the relationship or in the love life and create difficulties in the life of the couple and lead the situation of separation in the life of the couples. It is necessary to get the solution to the love problem at the right time.

What are the problems which lead to separation in the life of couples?

Here are some issue mention below creates separation in the life of couples –

  • Lack of communication
  • Lack of priority
  • Lack of time
  • Lack of understanding
  • Get love back
  • Lack of trust an faith
  • And many more, etc.

These are the issue mention above are creates the situation of separation in the life of couples and creates hurdle in life. Separation with the person whom we love the most in our life or in the world it is like breaking up from the inside of the body and feels that nothing remains in life to live. It is a worse feeling feels ever in life by anybody.

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कैसे करे देवउठनी एकादशी वाले दिन पितृदोष का निवारण?

devuthani ekadashi

भगवान विष्णु आषाढ़ शुक्ल एकादशी यानी की देवशयनी एकादशी वाले दिन चार माह के लिए सो जाते है।  इसके बाद में चार महीने की निद्रा लेने के बाद वो कार्तिक शुकल एकादशी को जागते है। इस एकादशी के दिन से ही चातुर्मास का भी अंत हो जाता है। यही वजह है जिसकी वजह से कार्तिक मास के शुक्ल पक्ष की एकादशी को देवउठनी एकादशी कहा जाता है। इस एकादशी को हरी प्रबोधिनी एकादशी और देवोत्थान एकादशी भी कहा जाता है। ऐसी मान्यता है कि अगर एकादशी का व्रत पूरी विधि विधान से करते है तो पितृदोष का भी निवारण हो जाता है।

ऐसा कहा जाता है कि देवोत्थान एकादशी का व्रत करने से हजार अश्वमेघ एवं सौ राजसूय यज्ञ का फल मिलता है।  कहा जाता है इस दिन विधिवत व्रत करना चाहिए ऐसा करने से जो लोग पितृ दोष  से पीड़ित है वो सही हो जाता है। जब यह व्रत पितरो के लिए किया जाता है तो इससे बहुत अधिक लाभ मिलता है।  इससे पितृदोष पीड़ित लोगो के पितृ नरक के दुखो से छुटकारा पा सकते है।

देवउठनी एकादशी के दिन भगवान विष्णु एवं अपने इष्ट देव की उपासना करनी चाहिए। इस दिन “ॐ नमो भगवते वासुदेवाय नमः “मंत्र का जाप करने से लाभ मिलता है। शालीग्राम का तुलसी के साथ में विवाह देवउठनी एकादशी के दिन ही होता है। इस दिन तुलसी जी की पूजा का भी बहुत महत्व है। तुलसी दल अकाल मृत्यु से बचाता है। कहा जाता है शालिग्राम और तुलसी की पूजा से पितृदोष का शमन होता है।

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How can I save my marriage from divorce?

how can i save my marriage from divorce

Marriage is an unadulterated and uncontained bond and connection where two people live and stay together for the rest of their life and tied a knot together for their entire life. Marriage is not conjoining of two souls also of two families in one relationship for the complete life. In marriage two peoples shares happiness or sadness, sorrow or joy, fights or arguments, ups or downs, upcoming or ongoing, with together or in their rest of the life

The relationship between Husband wives is very fine-looking just like two people and one soul because they live together without any knowledge about each other before marriage. It is a relation who makes and creates a god for you with an attractive and loving soul mate by his choice. Sometimes problems and conflicts arise in the relationship and create difficulties in the relationship and lead the situation of divorce and differences in the relationship or in the marriage. Sometimes they lost each other respect and forgot that what relationship is in between them, they start fighting constantly with each other and they don’t try to understand why we are fighting? And slowly-slowly these fight converts into Divorce and lost their complete relationship forever. The husband’s wife doesn’t know they spoil their life without any big issues.

Obstacles which creates the reason for divorce in marriage:

Some of the problems mention below which are creating problems in the marriage or tend the situation of divorces and separation in between husband wives –

  • Lack of mutual understanding
  • Lack of communication
  • Deficiency of time
  • Priority issues
  • Interference of in-laws
  • Lack of trust and faith
  • Financial issues
  • Lack of intimacy
  • And many more apart from mentioned

These are the issues mention above which are highly arise in the relationship and creates or tends the difficulties and situation of divorce in the relationship or in the marriage. Divorce is not the solution to marriage disputes and conflicts it only creates the separation between the couples and leads the differences in between them for the rest of their life. Divorce is what shows the discrimination in the marriage or in between the two individuals or two souls and also leads to the differences between two families for the rest of life and for their entire life. Take the help of the love astrology and get effective remedies to deal with these kinds of issues. If you are one who is facing disputes and arguments in their day to day life and facing the situation of divorce in your marriage then firstly consult and understand why you were together for the passes year in the marriage and think that why we are stands in that situation where we had to leaves our relationship or to leave our beloved and your partner and ruin your complete marriage life.

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How to keep Healthy Relationship with Loved One

Healthy Relationship with Loved One

There is no one who denies staying happily together with their beloved, mean all want to stay healthier and happiness but not all people get to reach out their dreams, that’s why there are some of the couples who are looking solution of how to keep a healthy relationship with loved one.   If you find yourself in this situation and want to make your relationship healthier and happier for forever then you come at right place.  Here love astrology specialist provides their precious services to resolve all type of love related issues in a few time.  So don’t wait times, just make a consult with them they will recommend you apt remedies to make your love relation healthier and strong for forever.  No matter from which circumstance your relationship is going and how long you entangled in the conflict, whenever you will take help of remedies your relation will start to work like as beginning and eager and enthusiasm rekindle in a relationship.

How To Get Lost Love Back

Today’s cause of minor conflict and misconception often couple gets separated rather than resolve suspect and misconception, and whenever they realize that they messed in a relation,  then strive to get back together but now the thing is how to get lost love back.  Because once a relation break down it take too much time to reunite along with it not essential that it will rebuild.  But if you think that same thing is going with you and you get apart to your beloved but now want to get separated then you don’t have to worries because of having love specialist.  They will recommend you best ever tacit because of that your lost lover will attract towards you and reunite a relation with you once again, so rapidly make a consult with an astrologer and enjoy your lovely life with lots of joy.


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How to reunite husband and wife after separation


Separation is devastating things, when it happens in a relationship it destroys whole life and dreams of the couples and brings darkness in couple’s life. However sometimes, separation brings ways in couple’s life to keep back together but it’s depending on the kind of separation. There are lots of couples who have a question that How to reunite husband and wife after separation?  If you are such a kind of couples, really want to get back together then we want to recommend you about astrology specialist. Astrology is the thing, which has a solution of all problems whether it major or minor, Astrology also plays a vital role in marriage because sometimes, some unwanted issues   arise in a relationship because of planets and star position in couple’s horoscopes.

Bring back happiness in married life

Over time of the marriage relation, couples often get busy with their daily works; therefore, they can’t make time together, this thing leads out happiness, affection, and faith from couple’s life. That’s the reason there are lots of couples who get separated to each other instead of strive to bring back happiness in their life once again. They might haven’t good understanding and effective communication to each other, if you are such a married couples, happiness and affection are fade away from your life then no worries you can bring back happiness in married life once again with the help of astrology specialist. Yes, they have highly and deeply knowledge of astrological fields along with having years of experience to resolve all kind of issues related to a marriage relationship. So whenever you will make consult with an astrologer they will suggest you appropriate remedies to get overcome of issues, and bring back happiness and affection in your married life once again such a like miracles, so why are you waiting for, just make consult with an astrologer and enjoy your lovely relationship with lots of joy and happiness.