Do you know which marriage is appropriate according to the Hindu religion?

hindu marriage

Very few people are aware that there are eight types of marriages. According to the scriptures, there are eight types of marriages – Brahma, Daiva, Arsh, Prajapatya, Asura, Gandharva, Demons and Vampires. Of all the marriages that take place, out of the eight marriages, only Brahma Vivah is recognized. The rest of the marriage is not considered to be religion. Dev marriage was also recognized in ancient times. Prajapatya, asura, gandharva, demon and vampire marriages are considered extremely inauspicious.

Hindu marriage is considered a religious ceremony. Sacrament leads to intuition and in pure conscience, married life can be spent happily. Brahman Vivah is included in 16 rites.

Brahma Marriage

With the consent of both the parties, the marriage of a well-to-do groom according to the wish of the girl is called ‘Brahma Marriage’. Vedic rituals and rules are followed in this marriage. This is the best marriage.

Dev marriage

Giving your girl to a special groom for any service or religious purpose or purpose is called ‘Divine Marriage’. But the girl’s desire cannot be ignored in this. This is middle marriage.

Arsh Marriage

Marrying a girl by giving the girl’s price (usually by donating them) to the female-side is called ‘Arsh Vivah’. This is middle marriage.

Prajapatya marriage

Marriage of a girl by her parents with the aristocracy (rich and dignified) without the consent of the girl child is called ‘Prajapatya marriage’. If you have any marriage issues then consult specialist in vashikaran astrology.

Gandharva marriage

The present form of this marriage is love marriage. Marriage of a bride and a girl without any custom without the consent of the family is called ‘Gandharva Vivah’. Currently it is done only for sexual attraction and wealth fulfillment, but its name is given as love marriage. Its redesign is also considered live in relationship.

Asura marriage

Purchasing a girl and getting married (financially) is called ‘Asura marriage’. You can also get astro solutions for love.

Rakshas marriage

Kidnapping a girl without her consent and forcibly marrying her is called a ‘Rakshas marriage’.

Paishach marriage

Taking advantage of a girl’s inebriation (deep sleep, mental debility, etc.) and making a physical relationship with her and marrying her is called ‘Paishach Vivah’.

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