Why Love Marriages Break even after living together for years?

love marriage

It is said that there is hardly anything more beautiful than love. When you are in a love relationship with someone, you might have realized this too. Many people live in relationships with each other, where many people become separated over time. So at the same time many people convert their relationship into marriage. However, many times it is also seen that in spite of love marriage, marriages of people break up, and they then separate. But should you ever know the reason behind them Probably not, so let us tell you about the mistakes that couples make after marriage and face marriage problem?

Can’t afford time

Couples give each other a lot of time until the love marriage occurs. They go to meet, talk on the phone and spend a lot of time with each other. But when a marriage takes place, some people are unable to give time to their partner due to work and some people for other reasons. But you have to avoid this mistake and must spend time with your partner and then want to get love back in life.

Do not listen to each other’s advice

Before marriage, couples listen to each other’s words and advice very carefully and follow them, but when these people get tied up in marriage, then people do not pay attention to their partner’s advice. They listen to their words, but do not follow them, due to which the partner feels bad and this becomes the reason for the break up of the relationship in the future.

Taunt each other

People who do love marriage know each other very well. Apart from each other’s good things, they also know about each other’s shortcomings. In such a situation, many people taunt their partner after marriage, due to these shortcomings, due to which many times the relationship deteriorates and then later the relationship is broken.

No respect

Any person should respect his partner, respect him. But it is often seen in love marriage that this honor gets lost after marriage. In such a situation, the partner may feel very bad, which can have an impact on the relationship in the future. So you should always respect your partner.

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