9 measures to improve the relation between mothers-in-law & daughter-in-law

saas bahu ka jhagda

Mother-in-law and daughter-in-law have a very delicate relationship. Sometimes both sides are right but come face to face. Although there are many social, family and psychological reasons for this, but some astrology remedies can also be helpful in making the relationship sweet.

  • In order to have a good relationship between the two, it is necessary to sweep the house before the sunrise in the morning and garbage out. Keep the house clean.
  • If the daughter-in-law will offer jaggery mixed water to the Sun God every morning, then her mother-in-law will be happy with them.
  • To improve your relationship with the mother-in-law, on Tuesday make semolina halwa and distribute it among the poor sitting outside the temple. Consult specialist in vashikaran.
  • If there are more wars in both of them, then both should wear a silver chain around the neck. Do not exchange white goods with each other.
  • If the daughter-in-law presents 12 red and 12 green glass bangles with a clear heart to her mother-in-law, then this reduces the differences between the two.
  • After daily worship of daughter-in-law, apply turmeric or saffron dot on the forehead. As well as you can avail services of astrology.
  • If there is always a fight between the two, then offer a golden-red colored saree to daughter-in-law Durga or mother Gauri and then present it to your mother-in-law. If you want a mother-in-law, you can do this with your daughter-in-law.
  • Always keep both square pieces of silver with you. Take both silver solid tablets with you.
  • With all these measures, it is necessary to keep the mother-in-law like her daughter and the daughter-in-law should also give mother-in-law love like her mother.

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