Do you want money, then follow these good habits

do you want money

There are many ways to earn money, which is very popular. But there are many people who want a precise solution. Here are simple solutions. You can also adopt any one at your convenience. You just follow it regularly.

Causes of Money Crisis – Everyone wants that he has a lot of money because all the comforts of life can be purchased with the money and life is spent easily. To earn money, a person does a job and also worships Goddess Lakshmi, but unknowingly, you do some work that makes Mata Lakshmi unhappy and money does not stay with you. If you want more effective tips then you can consult a specialist in vashikaran.

  • Offer water, bill sheet, and Akshat (rice) to the Shivling daily.
  • Worship Mahalakshmi and Shri Vishnu.
  • Do any fast of 1 week. If we do Mondays, Moon will be happy due to money. If we do Mars, Bajrangbali, Mercury does it, Shri Ganesha will do Guru, Vishnu will do it, Venus will do mother Lakshmi, Saturn will do Shani Dev if he does Sunday, Sun will be happy and give him the blessings of wealth, happiness and good fortune.
  • Wear a ring made of gold, silver, and copper in the ring finger.
  • In the evening, place a lamp in any nearby temple.
  • Worship Moon on full moon day. You can also get Astro solutions for love.
  • Read Srisukta.
  • Read Sri Lakshmisukta.
  • Read Kanakadhara Stotra.
  • Avoid doing evil to anyone.
  • Maintain purely religious conduct.
  • Maintain cleanliness in the house, this will keep the money permanently in your house.

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