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Do you know which marriage is appropriate according to the Hindu religion?

Very few people are aware that there are eight types of marriages. According to the scriptures, there are eight types of marriages – Brahma, Daiva, Arsh, Prajapatya, Asura, Gandharva, Demons and Vampires. Of all the marriages that take place, out of the eight marriages, only Brahma Vivah is recognized. The rest of the marriage is […]

How to build a strong and healthy connection with your partner?

It is essential in a relationship that you feel good and fresh. It is vital that you and your partner should feel connected to each other. Life is filled with experiences, good experiences, and as well as bad experiences. You can’t change your circumstances, but you can influence how you respond. In order to change […]

9 measures to improve the relation between mothers-in-law & daughter-in-law

Mother-in-law and daughter-in-law have a very delicate relationship. Sometimes both sides are right but come face to face. Although there are many social, family and psychological reasons for this, but some astrology remedies can also be helpful in making the relationship sweet. In order to have a good relationship between the two, it is necessary […]

Are you curious about how will be your life partner? Know from our Astrologer

When the one reaches the threshold of adulthood then the mind becomes curious about the next big and most major step of life that is none other than marriage. People always wonder about their future life partner. In Vedic astrology, according to the stars and the planets are hold the complete information that is about […]

How to make your Long Distance Relationship Work using Astrology

Astrology is a divine science. With the help of astrology, one can able to make impossible things to turn into possible. For the reason with the help of astrology, one can able to make the desired things work in their favor. From ancient times, people use astrology. Astrology is the only thing to make everything […]