Astrological Reason for Divorce and Separation


Increasing cases of Divorce is really not a good thing for our society.  And the reason behind the Divorce is lack of love, being careless for each other, suspicious nature, or not giving time for each other. But you ever heard that Divorce problems occurs cause of astrological reasons also. On which we immediately have to take action and prevent this divorce problem.


Here are some astrological reasons behind the divorce:


 1. Mangal Dosh or malefic Dosh:


In many of divorce cases it has seen that during marriage Mangal dosh is ignored or not proper remedy taken for minimize this dosh. And this malefic dosh is very strong enough to spoil the personal life of married couple.



2. Unsatisfactory match making:


If match making is not done in proper way then it can cause the relationship problem. Horoscope matching is very important fact for marriage if it’s is not done properly then it reflects a very bad effect on the married couples.



3. Using of any magic on spouse


We know it is really a surprising point for you but it is true that lots of people apply the bad things like black magic etc for harming purpose and  when once it happens on any of space then he/she start behaving abnormally And this abnormal behavior disturb the whole married life.



4.  Nadi Dosh


It is one of the important factors which consider during match making this Dosh stands for a childless problem and some other problems also. And cause of this dosh the relation ends on divorce and dispute.



These are the some astrological reason which effects the marriage life if you are also a couple who is having lots of marital relationship problem then should immediately consult to an astrologer because it may because of astrological issues.


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