Astrology Prediction For Love Marriage

Astrology Prediction For Love Marriage

We all know that it’s a 21st century and love in very normal thing in today’s time. Because in modern time girls boys study together, work together and so they get opportunity to meet each other. And this kind of meeting sometime converted into attraction for each other and this attraction converted into love. Some of girls/boys do this juts for only passing there time or just for hobbies but some couples get too much serious in their relation and they wasn’t to spend their whole life with each other. In love marriage the choice of bride and groom is primary and the choice of parents is secondary or less important.


but in love marriage horoscope will be matched or not, anyone can’t say because love is said to be blind as we know and just because of; love and attraction for each other they avoid all other aspects but its true the horoscope effects marital life.


According to Hindu astrology planet positions totally affect the love relationship and the love marriage too. According to Vedic and Indian astrology “men are from mars and woman’s are from Venus”. Fifth house in the horoscope represent the romance and love and where 7th house belongs to spouse and marriage.  As told that 5th house for love and relationships and 7th for the marriage. If ther4e is any kind of connection between them then it results the love marriage. Venus planet is for love and romance and it indicates your desires in your life if it lies in 5th house and having connection with 7th house then your love marriage defiantly going to be done but if it is not lies there and there is no connection between 5th and 7th house and still you do love marriage then it will create lot’s of complications in marital life and sometimes these relation and marriage ends up with the Divorce too.


So be careful and if there is any complication then Vedic astrology have a remedy of every problem so take the help of remedies and make life better for you.



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