5 Common problems Faced by Newly weds

5 Common problems Faced by Newly weds

Congratulations! You’ve formally tied the knot, and you’re now joined by the ties of holy marriage. Everything you’ve worked on in your spare time in the year after the proposal has culminated in the most magnificent and happy day of your life. As you progress through the adventure of life together, you’ll notice that certain things are a little different in married life vs what it was like as an unmarried but devoted, couple. Many couples have similar challenges during their first year of marriage, and those who can work through them will be able to deepen their relationships in the long run. Here are seven frequent first-year marital issues, as well as solutions. If you want the Love Marriage problem Solution to really work for you, then 2 things related to of online love solution should be clear in your mind by consulting Vashikaran specialist Astrologer.

5 Common problems Faced by Newly weds online

1:  Finances and money

Now that you’re married, you’re probably going to adopt the idea of “what’s mine is yours.” For some people, this may be a very difficult transition, especially if one of you earns much more money than the other. Learning how to reconcile your spending habits and your financial circumstances is a difficult challenge that every married couple must overcome.

If you and your spouse are disputing or arguing over finances, it is critical that you sit down and have an honest talk about your beliefs and aspirations, both personally and as a married pair. What is most important to you in your immediate and long-term plans? Do you like to spend your money on large holidays, shopping sprees, exercise, or other leisure activities? Do you intend to purchase a home within the next five years? How much money will you put into the joint bank account? These sorts of inquiries will assist you in determining your thoughts and goals, as well as laying the framework for your spending habits. You are both accountable for defining, setting, and achieving your financial objectives. You’ll be able to adjust to your new financial circumstances successfully if you operate as a team.

2: Terrible In-laws

One of the most frequent stereotypes of married life is having to cope with wretched in-laws. Ideally, you’ll have already had experience interacting with your in-laws in high-stress scenarios throughout the wedding preparation process, but there’s always the chance that your personalities will clash even after you’re married. When an issue with your in-laws arises, discuss with your partner that you are stressed about. Remember to be courteous – after all, they are your partner’s parents – but also learn to set limits on how much influence each set of in-laws should have in your marital life. Discuss these limits with your parents and in-laws openly and honestly. You will be able to build your own family as well as sustain your existing families if you communicate clearly and openly.

3: Weight increase and personal hygiene

Something that happens in the first year of marriage is that you grow very, very comfortable with one other. So much so that we often neglect our cleanliness and health just because we know that getting married means you no longer have to look for a new spouse. This is not only terrible for your relationship, but it is also harmful to your health! It is essential to maintain a healthy lifestyle after the wedding, especially if you intend to have children and build a family. Find basic workout routines that you both enjoy, such as going for a stroll after dinner or running in the mornings. Keep yourself clean and remember that just because you’re married doesn’t mean you have to stop trying.

4: Intimacy

One typical problem that occurs when you settle into married life is a lack of closeness. Now that you’re a husband and wife, your priorities have shifted, and sex is gradually dropping down the list. It’s difficult to balance hectic schedules as a married pair, especially when you want to make time for yourself.  Schedule a date night when neither of you will be sleepy, and make sure the TV and phones are turned off. 

5: Housework

Although many couples have previously lived together for a time before marrying, some couples are taken aback when they move in together as a married couple. Expectations are essential in every good relationship; if you don’t have the same expectations, one of you will undoubtedly be disappointed. The distribution of work in domestic activities is a typical issue for married couples. Remember that you are working as a team, and you should both participate to make things fair. When dividing up jobs, play to one other’s strengths, but try to view all work as a community effort rather than an individual one. When you assist your spouse, he or she will appreciate your efforts and vice versa.