What are Some Common Causes of Breakup among Couples?

Breakup problem

If the Moon meets some troublesome planets including Rahu, Sun, Mars and Saturn, then tragic break is more likely. The Sun is a shining and proud planet. Thus, if the Sun destroys the Moon and its powers, the natives are more likely to deal with the breakup. Whenever planets combine with Saturn, Rahu, and Ketu in the Moon’s horoscope, they create such conditions. Below mention are some of the common causes of breakup among couples:

Love union can break even due to the planet:

Although different planets are placed in any horoscope which can do a lot of damage in a relationship, Venus is still called the most important planet. This is the planet that can take your relationship to the next level. If it is misplaced and there are some odd combinations with other planets, it can ruin the life of a couple. Take a look at some of (Venus + Saturn, Moon, Mars) that bring bad results for a married couple or a couple in a relationship. These include:

  1. Weak Venus indicates lack of passion or love in the relationship.
  2. If Venus is sitting between the Sun and the Moon, it is a failure of the love affair.
  3. If Venus and Moon are not harmonious, the couple will try to find love outside the relationship.
  4. Venus and Mars are not harmonious; This will give rise to a lack of intimacy.
  5. If Venus and Saturn are not harmonious, the couple will not express their feelings and emotions.

How to overcome breakup with astrology consultation?

There are many people who face the problem of love breakup. Every person has to repent after some time when their lover is not in their life. There is no solution to any problem about what a person has done. Love breakup solution should be detected. This solution will help a person regain his love. If he uses astrology, he can solve all his love problems. This is the safest method for every person to use. Whether a couple is married or unmarried they can use vashikaran specialist services. If you use it with positivity. In this way an astrologer will always help you to get out of trouble.

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4 Things that make couples happiest & successful

successful and happy couple

Many times we had seen that there are several couples who appear to have it all together. A marriage based on love and respect doesn’t just happen. Both spouses have to do their part. Below are some important keys to work on each day to make your marriage successful. Do you want to be in a relationship like this? Do you have these habits of successful couple and want to make your love relationship strong and healthier? If you also want to make your loving relationship healthy and successful then consult our specialist and get the effective tips to make it happier and ever lasting. He will provide you reliable techniques to deal with issues.

Here we are providing 4 tips that makes couples happiest & successful

Listen what makes your spouse says

One of the most essential habits of successful couples is that they don’t over talk, they don’t interject, and they don’t interrupt. They give their full attention to their partner and do their utmost to understand what their partner is thinking and feeling and what they are trying to convey. They listen with intention to understand, not to reply.

Stay with partner when they need

According to love astrology Implore the habits of successful couple by giving no excuses, and always being there for your partner. When their partner needs them, they will be there even if it means moving mountains to get there. When one needs the other, they are always there for one another.

They are positive

They do not tear each other down, criticize or spread negativity in public or in private. They never resort to insults or name calling. They don’t blame their partner when things go wrong. They look for solutions not blame. If any hurdles are arising then get consultation from specialist from vashikaran. They never try to pursue their own individual gain and they always make the relationship a priority.

Protected relationship

They always consider the impact of their decision-making on their partner and their union. They are a team, an unstoppable force. They celebrate together, weep together, and soldier through hardship together.

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How to get rid of in-law problems after marriage?

in laws

Marriage is a beautiful, most wonderful and sacred bond created and formed by the choice of God. Marriage combines two people and two families in a relationship, in marriage two people pledge to live with each other and with each other and keep a note for the rest of their lives and until they die. Marriage is a relationship in which two people share happiness and the heirs of unhappiness live together and share everything with each other in their lives.

Marriage is a process by which two people make their relationship public, authoritative, and live together until they die; It is a very beautiful relationship and a sacred bond between two people. If you are also facing such problems, then consult our specialist in vashikaran. But sometimes problems and conflicts arise in the relationship and make it worse and make it pathetic due to the obstacles that lead into their marital life. Sometimes in-laws cause problems and confusions in relationships and marriage, which create problems in love marriage.

 It is difficult and difficult to deal with problems and in-laws in the family, because you are not growing up with them and are not recognized by their habits, you are facing problems when you are going to their issue and you are also good at them. Do not recognize the way and also feel that you cannot tell anything then, like you can tell your parents because it is the house of your in-laws. The difficulties you face due to your unintentional behavior and you are unaware of their nature and personality and the reason behind your problems is that everyone has different problems and different concerns about them.

If you are facing these issues and problems in your day to day life and have received from them; Share and face all the problems of your in-laws with your husband, tell them about all the ongoing work in your life, share whatever is happening with you, because that is what you are going to do with you. Will remain and be with you, solve every problem in your life and stand with you and solve all your problems in your favor, because you are his wife and his priority and his responsibility.

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Why Love Marriages Break even after living together for years?

love marriage

It is said that there is hardly anything more beautiful than love. When you are in a love relationship with someone, you might have realized this too. Many people live in relationships with each other, where many people become separated over time. So at the same time many people convert their relationship into marriage. However, many times it is also seen that in spite of love marriage, marriages of people break up, and they then separate. But should you ever know the reason behind them Probably not, so let us tell you about the mistakes that couples make after marriage and face marriage problem?

Can’t afford time

Couples give each other a lot of time until the love marriage occurs. They go to meet, talk on the phone and spend a lot of time with each other. But when a marriage takes place, some people are unable to give time to their partner due to work and some people for other reasons. But you have to avoid this mistake and must spend time with your partner and then want to get love back in life.

Do not listen to each other’s advice

Before marriage, couples listen to each other’s words and advice very carefully and follow them, but when these people get tied up in marriage, then people do not pay attention to their partner’s advice. They listen to their words, but do not follow them, due to which the partner feels bad and this becomes the reason for the break up of the relationship in the future.

Taunt each other

People who do love marriage know each other very well. Apart from each other’s good things, they also know about each other’s shortcomings. In such a situation, many people taunt their partner after marriage, due to these shortcomings, due to which many times the relationship deteriorates and then later the relationship is broken.

No respect

Any person should respect his partner, respect him. But it is often seen in love marriage that this honor gets lost after marriage. In such a situation, the partner may feel very bad, which can have an impact on the relationship in the future. So you should always respect your partner.

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8 Pro Tips to Bring Lost Love Back in the Relationship

8 Pro Tips to Bring Lost Love Back in the Relationship

If you want to get your ex back in your life and know that he still loves you and have feelings for you. Then you know by the signs that your ex still loves you and misses you and these are as follows:

Do not point each other’s mistakes

 If you are in the relationship. Then it is necessary that you do not blame each other for any of the things. So you just have to appreciate all the things that your partner do.

Express your gratitude

If you have any concern or any of the feeling that arises in your mind and heart with respect to your lover. Then you must have to express it in front of him. So that all the issues can get resolved easily.

Ignore all the negative thoughts and things

If due to nay of the situation nay negativity can arise in your mind towards your lover. Then you just have to be kind and positive and talk to him so that all the things can get resolved without any mess.

Give your partner space

If you are in a relationship. Then you must make sure that you can give space to each other. Because when you will do so. Then the other one also feels some freedom and relaxing in continuing the relationship.

Spend time with each other

According to love astrology you have to do is give time to each other. But that time must be the quality time. Because this is the only time that brings love into the relationship.

Communicate well

As communication is the way by which you can share your feelings and even emotions with each other. Thus, by the help of this all the problems that can arise in between both of you. All can get resolved and you will get your lost love back in your life.

Support each other interest and hobbies

If you want to get your lost love back in your life. Then you must have to support him and courage him to prefer their interests. On the other hand you can take help of specialist astrologer. So that he can also feel that all the things values for you and can come back in your life.

Try to attract him

If your lover has left you. Then start doing that such thing which will attract him and solve all the problems. Like having a change in your personality So that he feels attracted for you snd come back to you.

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12 Astrology Remedies to get Success in Relationship

astrology remedies
  1. Having a successful love life is vital to the overall happiness & success. If a person does not get the love of his/her choice, then it may lead to depression & gloomy situation which can prove to be detrimental to the life. Astrology offers a lot of remedies for the same.
  2. Get a proper and accurate horoscope prepared by an expert astrologer as it is essential to find out whether there is any dosha present in your chart due to malicious planets like Mangal because they can destroy your chances of a good relationship. It is important to perform a proper remedy before moving ahead.
  3. According to love astrology if you are a girl, you should keep Vrats on 16 Mondays. It is believed that by doing this religiously, you may get the husband of your choice.
  4. Perform Rudra Abhishek along with honey in Lord Shiva temple. The girls who are unmarried might soon get married after following this remedy.
  5. The lovers should meet on full moon day as it is believed that it strengthens their relationship.
  6. If you want to attract the person you love, then you should wear either diamond jewelry or jewellery made of Zircon or an Opal.
  7. Wear a Rudraksha. The benefits of wearing Rudraksha are well known. There is one Gauri Shankar Rudraksha which if worn, is believed to get you the love of your desired person.
  8. To find your love, the devotee should offer Red colored shawl to Durga Mata and also offer prayers. This effective remedy can win you the love of your life.
  9. If you want to win the heart of the person you love the most, you should go to offer a flute to any Lord Krishna temple nearby.
  10. There is another remedy in which you should take a paan leaf. Write the name of the person you love the most on this leaf and dip it in a jar full of honey. This remedy can bring you much closer to the person you love.
  11. Light a deepak or a diya in the name of your beloved and place it in the south-west corner of your home. You can take help of specialist in black magic.
  12. During Hindu month of Shravan (Monsoon season), girls should wear bangles of green color and wear white attire on Thursdays. These two colors are meant for planets Shukra i. e. Venus. Venus is the planet of love and is believed to have a control on our love relations.

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क्या आप जानते है लाल किताब के अनुसार ठोस चांदी की गोली जेब में रखने के फायदे

advantages of keeping a solid silver

जैसा कि हम जानते है कि लाल किताब में चांदी के बहुत से उपाय बताए गए है। जैसा कि हम जानते है कि चांदी के इन उपायों से धन, समृद्धि, शान्ति और सेहत बढ़ती है घटना- दुर्घटना, गृहकलह और ग्रह-नक्षत्र के दुष्प्रभाव से बच जाते हैं।  आज के लेख में हम आपको कुछ एस्ट्रोलॉजी के ऐसे ही उपाय बताने जा रहे है जिनकी मदद से आपको तरक्की मिलेगी।

  1. यदि आपकी कुंडली में राहु द्वितीय भाव में है तो चांदी की ठोस गोली अपने पास जेब में रखें। यह भाव धन स्थान, आर्थिक स्थिति, कुटुंभसुख, चेहरा, घराणा, आवाज, ससुराल पक्ष, संपत्ति आदि का प्रतिनिधित्व करता है। अत: चांदी की ठोस गोली जेब में रखने से राहु का बुरा असर नहीं होता है।
  2.  यदि किसी लड़की के विवाह में देरी हो रही है तो चांदी की एक ठोस गोली शुक्ल पक्ष के पहले सोमवार को अच्‍छे मुहुर्त में चेन में पिरोगर गंगा जल और कच्चे दूध से पवित्र करने के बाद धूप, दीप देते हुए शिवलिंग का स्पर्श कराने के बाद गले में धारण करा दें और उसी दिन गरीबों को कुछ मीठा प्रसाद बांटें। जल्द ही इससे रिश्ता तय होने की मान्यता है।
  3. लगन में केतु है तो विवाह के समय चांदी की ईंट अपनी पत्नी को दें। यह ईंट कभी न बेचें। इससे दांपत्य जीवन सुखमय रहेगा।

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How to Find Solution of Divorce Problem Using Astrology?

How to Find Solution of Divorce Problem Using Astrology

In Hindu religion we all know that marriage is considered as bliss and divorce is considered as the curse. In our culture we say that marriage is the beginning of the relationship and on the other had the divorce is considered as the end of any relationship or death of any relationship. During the divorce it’s the separation of the husband and wife relation that brings an end to the married life as well as the vows and promises of the husband and wife took. All the promises and the vows differ from the society to society and culture to culture.  

In today’s society the number of the divorce cases is increasing day by day. There are so many reasons behind the separation or divorce. For instance it can be due to the weak commitment, lack of social, cultural and traditional values and much more. In our culture divorce is considered as the horrifying state of the affairs. In simple we can say that it affects both the parties financially, emotionally, mentally and socially. But in both the partner children have to suffer a lot in the separation of the couples.

How astrology plays a vital role in solving the divorce problem?

Astrology is considered as the ancient science. If you are dealing with any problem in your relationship then you can take help of the astrologer to deal with it. He will help you to deal with the issues that are arising in your marriage life. In the astrology there are some of the planets that influence the marriage life. For instance they are mars, saturn, rahu, ketu and sun, they impact the marriage life in several manner. If you are also going through any of the bad effect of the planet then you can consult our specialist in vashikaran to get the solution. Astrology plays a vital role in providing the accurate solution.

With the help of the astrology you can get the solution and effective remedies to deal with the divorce problem and marriage problems. In short span of time you will see the effective changes that will arise in your loving marriage life.  

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How to Overcome the Distance in Marriage and Save Marital Relationship?

overcome marriage issues

Marriage is considered as one of the sacred relationship. Married couples have to go through several ups and downs it all depends on the couples that how they handle the issues that are arising in their married life. In simple words we can say that once the husband and wife habitually refrain from making the verbal and the emotional contact with each other, they become used to being emotionally distant from each other. So being close to their spouse feels awkward and unfamiliar.

On the other hand once you become the used to being apart whether it is emotionally or physically from the spouse for the long periods of time, then they try to reconnect with their partner is very challenging.

You can avail below mentioned tips to overcome the distance in the marriage relationship

  • Discuss your spouse something other than the household chores.
  • During their work day and busy schedule send them the special text messages.
  • Telling them you love them regularly, it helps to get love back in marriage.
  • Sitting next to them with your arm around them or holding their hand
  • Going to sleep and/or waking up in each other’s arms rather than each person starting and ending in their own corner
  • Making them feel as though they are a priority in your busy schedule
  • Sending your spouse flowers or a small gift simply because you are thinking of them rather than because you are fighting, and you are trying to gain forgiveness can also be a great approach to connecting with your spouse
  • Going out together regularly is also a great approach

Above all are some of the beneficial tips that are helpful to overcome the distance between the couples and flourish the relationship again with the love and care. If you are not getting the solution then consult specialist in black magic. He will help you to deal with the issues that are arising in relationship.

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5 Key Secrets to a Successful Marriage

5 Key Secrets to a Successful Marriage

There are many people who want to know that secrets for the happy and loving marriage life. There are some of the key elements present in the relationship that helps to make your marriage successful and long lasting. We are providing 5 key secrets to a successful marriage that will help you to solve the problem of marital life, disarm the conflicting partner and these tips are helpful for maintaining the successful marriage life. Every marriage has its share of the ups and downs. All the time like the period of the stress, boredom or the poor connection are all are part of the marriage. In simple we can say that marriage takes work.

Know how to agree on disagree

If you both are together that does not mean that couples agree on every little thing with each other. You can avail the love astrology for each and every couple should have some level of the disagreement somewhere. If you want to make your marriage long lasting then know how to respect the point of view of one another and even had a sense of humor over their points of contention.


Make your communication strong with your partner. Know about the partner preferences and the hobbies you have to communicate the things that are related to the something the person understands well. Make your communication open and strong.

Factor of Acceptance

Lack of acceptance is the major relationship killer and due to it couples face problems in the marriage life. Focus on the weaknesses or the problems of the marriage and try to accept the things that you had done.


Acknowledge all the positive attributes of your partner and pay some compliments to him or her. It will keep you long way in your married relationship. Keep the track of what your partner does well and compliment them for it.

Take responsibility

It is easy and one of the best secret of the long-lasting marriage that you need to take the responsibility of your marriage and the partner too. As well as take responsibility of whatever you had said to your partner.

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